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Apple is blocking keygens in new MacOS Sierra

In 2016 Apple released several big things: iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iOS 10 for iPhones and iPads, MacOS Sierra. As usually there are some bugs with new software and tweaks with new hardware that generally get fixed pretty fast. Another good thing is that iPhone 7 can already be unlocked from carrier, this means a clean IMEI unlock which is permanent. But first let's take a look at the iPhone 7 and IMEI unlock, then we'll be getting to MacOS Sierra.

The new iPhone 7 has been making a lot of excitement among Apple fans. The fresh iOS 10 is also very cool making messaging with friends a whole new experience. Calling friends or browsing the web - everything is very easy on the iPhone. But what if you wanted to switch carrier while travelling, or you found a cheaper network in your home town? This can be a challenge due to the fact most iPhones are locked to one carrier when they are bought. This is not a problem with the launch of IMEI unlock. It can unlock the phone from network in a few days. And it comes for a relatively small fee.

So iPhone 7 unlocking is really not a big deal thanks to the IMEI Phone Unlock team. You can read more on the website that comes with the factory unlock. Most important is that it's going to be permanent and official also. All updates are welcome on the phone even after unlocking it.

MacOS Sierra is a huge update for Macs made in 2008 or later. People installing the new OS have told that popular keygens used for pirating software were not working in the fresh update. So this is the case that many MacOS Sierra users ran into when they tried to install pirated software later on; it just didn't work.

When one wants to install pirated software he usually needs to enter a random serial code into the program that is first generated by automated software called keygen. Things have been showing up to be problematic in MacOS Sierra though. People claim they are not able to run many popular keygens that have been restricted by the new OS system. The result is an error message and termination of that particular keygen. Furthermore, the software that was being cracked can't be run.

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