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Ardath Albee is a B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions, Inc.

About the Author


Ardath AlbeeArdath Albee is CEO and B2B marketing strategist for her consulting firm Marketing Interactions, Inc.. She taps over 20 years of business management and marketing experience to help her clients create customer-focused eMarketing strategies that produce more sales opportunities.

The way customers buy has been irrevocably changed by the Internet. By recognizing how buyers’ needs are evolving, Ardath helps companies to get closer to their customers by escalating their ability to communicate their differentiating value with effective, continuous, and consistent eMarketing and sales initiatives.

Marketing needs to be implemented as a strategy that works in concert with business objectives. Companies can no longer justify a lack of collaboration between marketing and sales if they want to succeed in today's web-centric world. Ardath helps companies use digital tools and eMarketing approaches that, if used to their full potential, have a dramatic impact on streamlining complex sales efforts while capitalizing on business outcomes.

Albee helps companies get the results they dreamed about when they implemented marketing automation and CRM systems in the first place. Her focus is on connecting the process and the people, but it's also on the creation of buyer-centric content. With those three fundamentals in place, and the software tools to facilitate marketing and sales initiatives integrated in the optimum fashion, the opportunities for marketing are phenomenal. Among her clients are Cisco, Qwest, Silicon Graphics, and LANDesk – An Avocent Company.

Writing the noted Marketing Interactions blog involves Ardath in substantial industry and customer conversations, deepening her knowledge of what companies can achieve while verifying many of her principles. Her blog posts are referred to often by other industry leaders and syndicated on community websites including Junta42, The Customer Collective and My Venture Pad. Her articles have appeared in CRM Today, Selling Power, B2B Magazine, Rain Today’s Special Reports, Marketing Profs Newsletters and Enterprise CRM News.