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Bring on the Bling

Customer engagement is a hot topic these days. From a marketing perspective we tend to focus on what's in it for our companies, not necessarily from our prospects' persepctives. eMarketing is about creating mutually-beneficial engagement. Both for us and for them.

In my book I call this engagement bling. I define engagement bling as "...the positive results your company gains from sustaining trusted engagement with prospects and customers throughout their buying journeys."

The interesting thing about bling is that the more you share it, the more you have. And, that's because your prospects and customers get bling of their own from their interactions with you.

Take a look at some of the bling your prospects and customers get:

Valuable Knowledge: Solving a complex problem requires insights and knowledge your prospects probably don't have—especially if they haven't had to solve this kind of problem in a while, or ever. The more informed they become, the easier it is to make a purchase decision. And the less time spent doing so.

Increased Confidence: This is the result of becoming more informed. But it's not just about building their confidence in your company, it's about increasing the confidence their companies have in them to make the best choice to achieve the desired outcome.

Useful Conversations: Once they have the first two, they can enter into conversations with you to validate their beliefs. But, beyond that, they can invite conversations with the other members of the buying committee, sharing your ideas and gaining consensus with people you may never interact with personally. And, that's critical in shortening the time to purchase.

All of this bling leads to higher credibility for your company and for the decision maker who becomes empowered to choose your company as a strategic partner to help them do the hard work of solving their complex problems. And that's a good thing all the way around.

But that's not all. You get even more bling when you work to build engagement with your prospects and customers by making every impression and interaction relevant to them.

You also get things like:

  • more interactive dialogue,
  • intelligence-enhanced listening
  • increased demand due to higher trust

These increase based on the value your prospects and customers ascribe to every interaction and impression your company exchanges with them.

What company couldn't benefit from all these rewards?

I say, bring on the engagement bling!

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