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Ardath Albee is a B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions, Inc.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale


Foreword by Jill Konrath
Foreword by Brian Carroll

Part 1 eMarketing Essentials

eMarketing strategies help companies build trusted relationships that generate demand.

Chapter 1 Why eMarketing Is a BIG Opportunity for Complex Sales

  • The Shift to Self-Education
  • Six Things to Change About Your Content and Communications
  • Offline versus Online
  • What You Need to Know

Chapter 2 The Mutual Rewards of eMarketing Strategies

  • Rewards for Your Company and You
  • Rewards for Them (Your Customers and Prospects)
  • Shaping the Story

Part 2 Customer Consensus

To create sustainable and trusted relationships, companies need to thoroughly understand their customers and agree on the unique definitions for each market segment.

Chapter 3 Using Personas to Understand Your Customers

  • Customer Profiles—The Wide-Angle Lens
  • Why a Persona Is Different from a Profile
  • Creating Personas

Chapter 4 Leverage Your Buyer Synopsis

  • Create a Buyer Synopsis
  • Use Social Media for Persona Development
  • Personalization—One Step at a Time

Chapter 5 The Buying Process

  • The Role of Content in the Buying Process
  • Apply Content to Personas

Part 3 Natural Nurturing

Persona-driven engagement accelerates and expands revenue opportunities.

Chapter 6 Put the Natural in Nurturing

  • Create a Conversational Context
  • The Role of Rich Media
  • Leverage Inbound Interactions

Chapter 7 Capitalize on Cause

  • From Status Quo to Priority Shift
  • Become the Anchor
  • Keep Your Assumptions on Track
  • Create Content that Pulls Buyers Forward

Chapter 8 Construct a Framework for Content Strategy Execution

  • Assemble a Natural Nurturing Track
  • Syndication Expands Nurturing Reach
  • Frequency, Reach, and Shift
  • HubSpot Attracts Customers at Unprecedented Rates: A Case Study
  • Effective Nurturing Execution
  • Remember Your Existing Customers

Part 4 Contagious Content

The right content makes all the difference.

Chapter 9 Why Contagious Content Increases Engagement

  • Relevance Is King
  • Simplicity Trumps Volume
  • Contagious Content Requires Planning

Chapter 10 Content Structure for Competitive Differentiation

  • Education—What Buyers Need to Know
  • Expertise—Why Your Company Is the High-Value Choice
  • Evidence—Let Your Customers Do the Talking
  • Sales Conversational Briefs
  • DealerOn—Contagious Content in Execution: A Case Study

Chapter 11 Create Content to Increase Attraction Value

  • Urgency—Why Your Message Is Important—Now!
  • Impact—What’s in It for Them?
  • Effort—The Perceived Energy Required to Pay Attention
  • Reputation—What’s Known about Your Company
  • Intent—What Your Audience Thinks You Want
  • Examples of How Catch Factors Can Influence Behavior
  • Why Catch Factors Are Important for Today’s Marketers

Chapter 12 Design Your Marketing Story

  • The Significance of Stories
  • Stories Instigate Momentum
  • Design Content to Create Mindshare
  • Authorial styles—Which to Use When
  • Quick Guide to Writing a Marketing Story Article

Chapter 13 Expand Story Impact with Amplifiers

  • The Nature of Amplifiers
  • Focus Squarely on the Customer

Part 5 Persistent Progression

Consistently move prospects through their buying process.

Chapter 14 How to Facilitate Prospect Progression

  • Intellitactics Increases Qualified Demand: A Case Study
  • Tell Me More . . .
  • The Gift of Going Wide
  • Conversations Accelerate Nurturing Progression
  • Buyer Evolution

Chapter 15 Scoring for Prospect Progression

  • Points for Content-Driven Interactions
  • Marketo Walks Its Talk: A Case Study
  • Microsites
  • E-Mail Newsletters
  • Progressing Prospects to Sales

Chapter 16 Alignment Accelerates Progression

  • The Handoff and the Take-Back
  • Influencers and Detractors
  • Incorporating Insights
  • Create a Useful Sales Portal
  • End-Game Stamina

Chapter 17 Stories that Progress Sales Conversations

  • Conversational Gambits
  • Customers Like Them
  • Attainable Objectives
  • Presentations with Punch

Part 6 Meaningful Metrics

Quantitative measures can prove marketing's business impact.

Chapter 18 Quantifying Marketing Results

  • Engagement Metrics
  • Marketing’s Impact on Sales

Chapter 19 Opportunity Quality and Sales Results

  • Opportunity Quality
  • Sales Results

Chapter 20 Feedback and Dialogue

  • In Tune and In Touch
  • Story Ideas from Third Parties
  • Applied Listening
  • Improved Personalization

Chapter 21 Social Contributions

  • Viral Engagement
  • Participation Speaks Volumes
  • The Value of Social Media

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